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Varicosities AKA Varicose veins is a condition where in the veins get enlarged. Due to this, the blood circulation reduces drastically. This is a problem that can affect any part of the body but it is mostly prominent on the legs. It is not restricted to any gender or age, however, most of the time it happens as a person ages or after child birth. Varicose vein care is the most crucial factor that helps a person to deal with such a condition.

When a person develops varicose veins, it can be very painful since there is a restriction in the circulation of the blood due to weak vain valves.


There are various reasons why this may occur during old age, some of them are

The age of the person As a person ages, even the body starts to give way. Just like how the organs start to slow down or weaken up; similarly, even the veins can develop problem. Majority of Dallas caregivers enounce that, with age, the heart’s functioning also reduces drastically. In such cases, a person may development vain enlargement which in turn leads to the development of varicose veins.

Obesity Obesity has become the most common problems that many people face. During old age, it is important to make sure that you maintain your fitness. Obese people are prone to develop varicose veins because of the pressure the legs have to take up. In such cases, the best way for varicose vein care is to work on your weight and watch your diet.

Menopause As a woman ages, the levels of progesterone and estrogen starts to decrease, this is why they go into a phase called Menopause. The hormonal fluctuation or changes in the body can affect the flow of blood. Sometimes it can also cause various problems like pressure on the back that eventually leads to the formation or development of varicose veins.

Had a career that required them to stand or sit for long hours Through out our adulthood, we spend most of our time working. It does not matter which field we may specialize in; but eventually the pressure, stress and working conditions does take a toll on our health. Elderly people may develop varicose veins due to this. In such cases, the doctor will let you know what kind of Varicose Vein care is needed so that you can deal with the after effects of your professional life.

Heredity The heredity factor is another reason why a person may develop varicose veins. As we all know that a person is always at a risk to develop diseases that run in the family. This is because of the structure of their DNA. If you have varicose veins running in your family, the possibility of developing it when you age is more. In such cases the doctor will tell you how to deal with this possibility and also let you know the Varicose Vein care and preventive measures you can take.

Varicose Vein care through different therapies

In order to help elderly people deal with varicose veins, thee are various treatments that can opt for. The recommendation will be based on their age, the extent of damaged caused and the present stage of their situation. In such times, you may have to undergo treatments such as

Physiotherapy This involves certain set of exercises done under special supervision. The physiotherapist will develop a schedule that a patient will have to undergo regularly.

Sclerotherapy Through this therapy, a person will have to take special injections. These injections help to block the veins through a special liquid.

Leg exercises There are certain leg exercises that a person can do regularly to help them deal with varicose veins. Considering the age, you do have alternate exercises that you can do. When it comes to Varicose vein care, this is a crucial thing to help a person deal with their condition. The doctor will also show you how you can do the exercises.

Surgery In some cases, a person may have to undergo a special surgery as a part of their Varicose Vein care. This is generally kept as the last option; however, it does help to provide the necessary relief from the pain and dangers of such problems.

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