Tips On Several Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

Depending on how large a tree is, felling it can be fairly easy, or incredibly hard, especially if there are nearby fences, homes, and other obstacles that you don’t want to damage. On the other hand, getting rid of the stump and root system is almost always far more difficult, just not as dangerous as felling a tree. Here are some tips on getting your tree stump removed.

How Much Do You Really Want To Remove

This is the million dollar question since the actual amount of roots under the ground can be as large or larger than the entire tree was above ground. Of course, it depends on the species of the tree quite a lot. Some trees have roots that penetrate 20-40 feet below the surface and spread far and wide. Other trees have only surface roots, for the most part, and are easy to tear up or rot very quickly.

There are a couple of important reasons why you would want a tree stump removed, one of them is that they attract subterranean termites. If there is a large root system, it’s the job of the termites to eat all of it over the next decade or so. However, they’re going to constantly be trying to invade neighboring wooden structures like homes, outbuildings, garages, and even wooden yard furniture. Getting rid of the stump is cutting off their food supply and denying them a place to reproduce.

The other problems involve the space that the stump takes up both above ground and below, now and in the future. As the stump decays and gets eaten, it will get smaller causing a hole where it once was, you won’t be able to build some structures there if the ground is constantly sinking. If you can get rid of it, you can fill the hole in with dirt instead. For more information, you can contact this tree firm company that will help you with all your tree care needs at a local tree service near me.

Removing Stumps By Hand The Old Fashioned Way

The way our grandfathers did everything was with hand tools, chopping, sawing, digging until most of the stump was gone. Using a chainsaw is much faster but will still involve some digging to get access to the large roots underneath.

On the other hand, hooking a chain through the stump and then lifting it with a backhoe can usually pull the entire thing out of the ground in mere minutes. But if the stump is too big, the only way to really get at it will be with a giant stump grinder. You can check out some great stump grinder professionals here at can rent a stump grinder at the local rental yard and it sometimes comes with wheels or on a trailer. You merely position the grinder over the stump and use a lever to lower it down and grind away. It works fairly fast and gets rid of the major stump part but not much of the roots.

Burning is another method and it’s fairly cheap too. You can drill a series of holes in the stump, the deeper the better, then pour charcoal lighter fluid into the holes. Let it sink in and pour some more down into the stump. Then, build a fire on the top of the stump and let it burn. Be cautious, lighter fluid doesn’t explode like gasoline, never use gas since it can blow up on you causing serious burns.

Getting rid of a stump is time-consuming, but a necessity if you plan to build nearby or if you don’t want termites making it into a colony. If you lack the skills, you can usually hire a stump grinder company to come do the work for you, it’s not really expensive since they own their equipment. Plus, they work quickly, get the job done and move to the next one in succession.

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