A general approach to live a healthy life in 2018

There are steps you can take to increase your chances of living a long life. Making healthy choices is the key ingredient to living a healthy life. To a large extent, we have control over how healthy our bodies remain throughout our lifetime.

Here is a list of 7 simple ways to stay healthy and add years to your life.

1. Breathe Fresh Air. 

Of course, this includes being a nonsmoker, but also very crucial to get lots of fresh air outdoors. Many people spend their entire lives indoors, going from home to the car to the office, and back again. Getting fresh air outdoors is an important health benefit that is often overlooked. Try to spend at least a few minutes outdoors every day: take a walk or plan outdoor activities.

2. Drink More Water. 

Try to drink between 6-8 glasses of water every day, besides coffee, tea, and soft drinks to avoid dehydration of the body. The chances are that adding more water to your daily regimen will help you feel better and have more energy.

3. Sleep Between 6-7 hours Every Night. 

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to good health, but also very crucial to get the right amount of sleep. Researchers have found that those who sleep more than 8 hours or less than 4 hours a night are not as healthy as those who sleep 6-7 hours a night.

4.Take fruits and vegetables.

It is common in American society to consume an entire day’s worth of meals and consume tiny fruits and vegetables. This bad habit hurts your health. Meals eaten at home contain more fruits and vegetables than those consumed in restaurants. So try eating more meals at home, and when on the go try to take some fruit with you.

5. Restrict Alcohol Consumption. 

If you drink alcohol, limit it to one drink per day. Drinking more than two drinks daily has been shown to hurt health. Some studies have shown that drinking red wine is beneficial, but you still should keep it to no more than one drink per day.


6. Eat High Fiber Foods Daily. 

Diets that are high in fiber have been shown to help reduce high blood pressure, avoid high blood sugar, and help with elimination. High-fiber foods include whole grain bread and pasta, fruits, beans, and legumes.

7. Exercise Daily.

Researchers are finding that exercise plays a huge part in overall health. Those who exercise regularly have been found to be much more likely to lead healthier lives and live longer than those who do not exercise.

The benefits of eating healthy are many, especially in the long term. Eating healthy when young keep organs functioning efficiently, which enhances a quality of life later on. Good health is a blessing and should not be taken for granted. Many of the benefits of eating a good daily diet are readily apparent within days or months. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Beautiful Skin Tone: 

When we receive adequate nutrition through a balanced diet, our skin lets us know. It glows with radiance and wrinkle lines diminish. Taking healthy foods supports the proper elimination of toxins, which makes us look and feel better. Eating right is the greatest beauty secret there ever was.

2. Ideal Weight: 

Eating healthy for several years and living a healthy lifestyle brings us to a perfect weight. As long as diet remains balanced through the eating of natural foods, an ideal weight will be maintained. Remember that denatured foods from the factory are the main reason for weight gain, obesity, and disease.

3. Plenty of Energy: 

Eating a proper diet provides the body with energy and vitality throughout the day. Good energy foods are complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables. Foods that deprive us of energy are refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar foods.

4. Balanced Hormones: 

Did you know that diet plays a huge role in emotional and mental well-being? Eating the wrong foods such as refined flour and sugar products can wreak havoc on our emotional health. Hormones in our brain need essential nutrients, so our mental outlook remains balanced and happy.

5. Happy Long Life:

Healthy eating, coupled with a healthy lifestyle provides us with a good outlook on life. There is no running to doctors all the time with ill health. And there is no suffering with nutrient deficient and debilitating diseases. Eating healthy when you are young will benefit your standard of living as you age and get older.

These are simple life changes you can start to work on now to make significant changes in health as you age. You don’t have to change everything at once. Try working on one item at a time and then once you have made it a habit, go on to another article. These simple life choices can pay big dividends over the years and add happy and healthy years to your life.


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